UPDATE! Barkley “One of the Best Decisions They Ever Made”

Harley is now living with his family, cat and Dog friend, Preston in Boston. Now Barkley, he has just this past year become a new baby sitter for the new little baby boy added to the family. He was another Pet Finder inquiry from Zita who lived in Pasadena at the time.  Zita recently told VIVA, adopting Barkley was one of the best decisions they have ever made.  Zita and Aran love Barkley and are wonderful at updating pictures of him.

Zita sent this to us at the time of his adoption. It appeared in a post Dec 2012.

“We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all the amazing people at VIVASF. The work you do is so important and we are so grateful to you for helping us find our dream dog Barkley. Once my husband and I made the decision we wanted a second dog, we knew our search wouldn’t be easy. We knew we wanted to rescue… Then we stumbled upon Barkley (aka Harley). VIVASF quickly responded to my email and then on, worked with me to make sure he was the right fit for our family. I had so many questions which they answered thoroughly through countless emails and phone conversations. They sent pictures and even a video so we could get a better understanding of what Barkley was like. It was obvious they wanted to make sure their dogs go to the right home and not just any home. By the time we had our first meeting with Barkley, we already felt like we knew him. As we live all the way in Los Angeles we both wanted to make sure it would be the right fit before the meeting took place. When we met him we fell in love with him instantly. He was just like we were told and it was truly the perfect match. Barkley is now a part of our family. He is such a wonderful dog, so sweet, calm and obedient, so handsome and smart.  Before VIVASF rescued him, he was severely abused and neglected him yet he is the most snuggly and affectionate dog I have ever met, it is amazing he has so much love and trust after all he has been through. Every day with him is such a joy. Barkley is so excited and happy every day he is with us. It is as if he knows he was rescued and is so grateful and appreciative for his second chance.


Barkley and the Sayles Family!

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