UPDATE! “Love At First Sight!”

Remember Foxy’s Story? Here it is. Reposted from Nov 2012 entitled “Love at First Sight!”

“We had 2 dogs (Chihuahuas), a rescue cat – and 2 cockateils. – We had recently had the discussion that when our aging dogs went to their reward, we would not replace them, and have a lot more freedom to travel etc.

Then one afternoon, Paco was walking down the Malecon during Shrimp Festival and spotted Foxy with Carol Kingaby at the VIVA booth.  “I want that dog” he announced. “And our discussion about no more pets” I asked?  I had never had a BIG DOG, (after the Chihuahuas, 45 lbs is a big dog to me), I thought we should give this more consideration. All discussions were over. Paco was in love, and was set on having her, and it’s hard to argue with someone wearing rose colored glasses, who makes no sense. —

Life is funny and of course Paco and Foxy won, and now we wouldn’t be happy without her.  She is smart, easily trained, loving companion, and we are so grateful to have found our beautiful Foxy.

She even became the subject of one of my new photography passions, the 3D style.

Thank you VIVA.  Thank you Carole.

Robin Waters”


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