UPDATE! “Oh Brother… It’s Hank and Fritz!”

UPDATE! Hank celebrates his “Hankiversary” with a party celebration with his loving owners! So happy for Hank. Read his story and see some cute pics. Love this guy (and the mohawk)!

Remember Hank’s story? This is it! Reposted from June 2014 entitled “Oh Brother… It’s Hank and Fritz.”

“Sandi and her pups were one of VIVA’s first rescue litters. Sandi and most of her pups  were transported to the states to find their forever homes. Three were kept back as they were not strong enough to make the journey. They stayed within VIVA’s foster care system for almost a year before they were adopted out to loving homes.  Hank and Fritz were two of these pups. They were oftentimes confused because of their similar looks and were particularly close  playmates during their extended stay.

In a surprise encounter at Fat Boys in town, one of our volunteers recognized Fritz aka Quatro hanging out with his new family. She immediately called Hank’s parents.  What ensued is now a VIVA fairy tale.

Hank’s owner, Lisbeth Peterson is exuberant as she shares the experience:

“This encounter was spur of the moment.  Barbara saw Fritz at Fat Boys and told his owner that he looked just like a dog, Hank, and she replied that he should, since they were/are brothers!  So Barbara told her Hank’s story, and then called me to see if they could meet.  I said YES, and they drove right out.  IT WAS SO HAPPY!!!

We plan to meet every year over Memorial weekend (that’s when Fritz – now Quatro- comes down here for a visit).  We’ve exchanged emails and will keep in touch during the year.”

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