“Small World Great World, For Our Alex With Blue Eyes”

Remember Alex? Here is his story reposted  from  July 2013 entitled “Small World Great World, For Our Alex With Blue Eyes.”

“Our reflex for kindness has invisible possibilities.

Last fall, a VIVA volunteer came to the aid of a dog in his neighborhood tied to a tree. He was tied by a 3’ leash for months and was in need of help. Responsibly surrendered by his Mexican owners, the dog was fostered by the volunteer and became part of the VIVA network of adoptable pets. His name was Alex. He had marvelously blue eyes.

After several months of socialization, Alex was ready to find his forever home and was entered into VIVA’s Petfinders adoption network. After all, he was perfectly loving and truly a beauty. In a few weeks, a wonderful couple from San Diego, Branden and Kelly Knorr, saw his photo on Petfinders and the adoption was in the works.

Once dropped off at their home and the adoption complete, the volunteer who transported him to his forever home asked the couple, why this dog? They said that Branden had lost his brother in a car accident a year ago. His name was Alex and his eyes were blue.

Alex now lives in a loving forever home with Paisley another rescue and a cat. He can be seen rolling around in play or nestled in a nap. He appears to be right at home as if he was meant to return in some mysteriously loving way to a family that has always loved him.

This adoption is a true love story. Thank you Branden, Kelly and Alex.”

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