UPDATE! Tequila And Baja Go Together!

Update From Diane Chavez, Baja’s Forever Mom! “I am so happy to send you new pictures!  Baja and Tequila are best friends.  Baja has just fit right in as you can see from the pictures.  He loves both his San Felipe and La Quinta homes.  He is such a great dog and we would get another dog from VIVA in a heart beat.  But at the moment 2 is enough – not enough room in our car for any more!”

Remember Baja and Tequila’s story? This is it! Reposted from July 2012 entitled “Baja and Tequila Go Together”. “Tequila and Baja go together don’t they?  The Chavez’ think so and so does Tequila and his new best buddy Baja aka Duke. The Chavez’ visited San Felipe and made it a priority to adopt a baja dog to be a companion to Tequila, their family dog.  With many phone calls to coordinate their meeting, Tequila met Baja and they were immediate friends.  Baja’s new home is filled with fun and happiness and lots of Tequila– the furry type.  Both dogs will be making their way North to live as Californians for a bit and promise to return with lots of pictures of their fun family life.  We thank the Chavez family for thinking of VIVA for pet adoption and for returning to CA with the best part of our seaside town, a lovable, adoptable pooch.”


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