“Ask and You Shall Receive”

(Reposted from Sept 2012.) This is how someone has made a difference in the lives of four San Felipe animals. Kim Stelmack and her son Avery came to San Felipe to help her father move into his new home. Through casual conversations by the pool with VIVA volunteers, Kim shared that she wanted a chihuahua puppy. Well, lo and behold, VIVA volunteers suggested “Chicaquilla”, a new foster to our bunch of lovable adoptables. With eager coordination, Kim and Avery met little “Chicaquilla” and it was a perfect match.

But their adoptions had only begun… Kim found a pup tied up at a store with twine wrapped all around it. The pup is a female named PePe and the Avery’s found another new member of the family.

But, it is not over. . . As Kim and Avery were out for a walk, they were offered an abandoned kitten which they couldn’t reject. Her name is Rosy.   An apparent magnet for needy animals, the mother and son have saved yet another puppy and to date have taken home four San Felipe animals back to Canada with them. Wow, what a way to make a difference. Ask and you shall receive!

VIVA thanks Kim and Avery Stelmack for their giving hearts and responding with huge generosity to San Felipe’s animals in need.

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