Determination And Compassion Rescue Puppies This Summer

It has been a hot and crazy puppy summer!

So many Mommas and pups need our help during the hot summer months. We try to respond to every desperate call we receive but with volunteers and residents leaving in the summer, our ability to respond becomes very difficult.

This letter sent to us documents an experience of such a difficult rescue. It is written by Rachel Lara, a South Campos resident, and shows the compassion and determination needed to rescue dogs during these desperate summer months.

It is an inspiring story of dedication and teamwork.

“We had heard about the smiling stray doggie that someone had been feeding and knew that the lady was now gone. We were working on ideas to save the stray from almost certain death since most people had already left the South Campos area for the summer.

Our desire to save her brought us to two more strays! We were on the beach with the kids later that day when we saw all 3 of them, the 3 girls together (“Tres Mujeres”). We gave them food and water. The way they lapped up the water so eagerly just broke our hearts.

The tallest one was gangling and her ears were so big and tall that the tips would flop when she ran. (“Oreja”) We didn’t have have the room in our own homes to take in the three. The smallest was shy while the other two eagerly came up looking for love. On closer examination we believed she was about to have pups and thought that the original smiley one must have already had some recently.

The next morning I had to leave and through some information, we heard about the VIVA organization. Since the internet had been spotty that week, we all came into town hoping to find you guys.  After trying a couple places with no luck, our excitement had dimmed. I came home with no answers and my mom and aunt went back to camp.

I didn’t give up. Once home, I was able to track you down through Facebook. We connected and the internet and mobile phone connections continued to be our challenge.

Meanwhile, two of the three girls were safely at my moms, except for the little one. After sometime they were able to locate her. She was under the trailer and had her puppies. Unfortunately, they weren’t easy to reach. They gave the mommy food and water and were determined to come back the next day when they were leaving to get all of them and take them to safety and help.

When they went to get her, it seems she must of gotten scared and through the night moved further back than the day before and positioned herself virtually unreachable. My mom has no problems taking charge of the moment to save animals; however, the way the trailer was perched she was afraid of it falling and crushing everyone.

They were left with something that made me think of Sophie’s Choice. Should they save the 2 girls they already had and leave this girl to fend for herself with the puppies? or should they leave the 3 of them so that hopefully the numbers would protect them?

They decided to leave the mommy and puppies with enough food but not too much to bring in too many predators. I immediately alerted you (VIVA) and then you sprung into action trying to locate someone else to go get them.

The world is an amazing place! We were able to clearly pinpoint their location through google maps. You found amazing people who would go and get them! We waited for the good news. Determined volunteers– Augie Gonzales and Art Hurtado– heroically crawled under the trailer. Local people Oliver and Linda helped too.

How amazing that Facebook and your team saved those sweet souls. Shortly they had gone from saving 3 puppies to over 20! I am happy to report that all puppies are now in foster care.  I am grateful for this wonderful organization!” Rachel Lara

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