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Maggie and her forever family, Dusty and Mike Dennis, live in Northern CA most of the time. They visit San Felipe often and every visit seems to make a difference in the life of an animal. This visit was no different. Working with Adoption Coordinator, Panama Morris, they found a forever home for Tootsie, one of our lovable dogs needing a home.

They always help out with transporting supplies, helping to place dogs in forever homes and even shopping at Second Chance! Dusty Dennis shares her affection for VIVA and the animals of San Felipe in a recent letter. Thank you Dusty for your constant support and generosity.

“Last week we returned from a two week stay in San Felipe. It is always hard to leave, but until we officially retire, I guess two weeks at a time will have to do! While we were there I helped find a forever home for ‘Tootsie’, a VIVA dog who is soooo cute and looking for a good home. Our friends, Linda and Mike, had lost their dog and were ready for a new friend. They hooked up with Panama and ‘Tootsie’ has a good home.

The last time we were there, Norma, the recreational director in a senior community in San Ramon, CA, asked me to bring home a pup she saw on the VIVA website. She has had ‘Mija’ for over a year and loves her so much.

It always feels so good when I can help find a forever home for a dog in San Felipe. My efforts are nothing compared to the work of the volunteers who work tirelessly every day to socialize, save and foster the dogs in our little town in Baja.

That is what I would like to write about.

While I was in San Felipe, Panama, my neighbor told me about Cooper, a three week old pup who was found with his Mom in the Ejido. Cooper had a serious eye infection. I witnessed the time Panama spent trying to find Cooper a foster, the trips to Dr. Solis and the efforts made to save his eye. Cooper was taken in by a foster who got up all hours of the night to administer medicine to the little guy. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

The efforts put forth by Panama, the foster Linda Shelton, Dr. Solis and volunteers– I don’t even know– makes me want to cry. The volunteers do such an exceptional job and I would like to thank them for all they do.

The ladies running the Second Chance ( if you haven’t been there you should- they have great stuff!), the foster families, the volunteers who spend day after day doing whatever is needed- thank you, you are all great.

My own dog, Maggie, is a San Felipe rescue. She was found almost 8 years ago wandering the beach very pregnant. She was brought in and a week later delivered 8 puppies. Mike and I fell in love with her. Maggie aka Goldie has given us so much love and laughter these past 7 years and we feel so lucky to have her.

She has such a mellow personality that when we bought her home, I had her tested to be a therapy dog. Read Maggie’s story as a therapy dog.

After we brought Maggie home, I took her to Dr. Sandy Block, A San Ramon Vet. I told her about VIVA (SFAR at the time) and the good work that they do. Sandy wanted to help. Since that time–close to 7 years– Sandy lets me know when ‘the locker is full’ and I go pick up donations of every kind for VIVA- food, medicine (lots of medicine), leashes, beds, even scrubs for Dr. Solis.

Our truck is always loaded down- sometimes we have so much we have to hook up a trailer. Sandy is relentless in her quest to help provide for the animals of San Felipe. Thank you Sandy!

Maybe your Vet would like to help? If you are making a trip to the States, call your Vet and ask if they might have something you can bring down. They get lots of food and supplies donated to them. Imagine if we could all bring a bag of food down- what help that would be!

When we arrived home from San Felipe, Maggie was so quiet and sad. She doesn’t like leaving her ‘beach’ with the daily walks on the Sea of Cortez.

I don’t know who misses it more, me or Maggie! Maggie and I will be back in April.

So, thanks again all VIVA volunteers and Dr. Solis. Wish I could do more.

VIVA dogs are the best!”

Dusty Dennis  El Dorado Ranch

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