Reigna Is Queen For The Day And Always

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Bogie was one of nine puppies who came to our shelter helpless, starving and desperate for help. With the loving care of our foster and adoption network, she was nurtured to health and became ready for adoption. One fine morning a Canadian couple came to VIVA. They had just lost their dog that they had adopted from San Felipe ten years before. They were looking for a new family member and returned to San Felipe to adopt a dog looking for a chance for a good life. Little Bogie became the lucky girl!

Now REIGNA, she is living the good life in Canada. The adopters write to Scott and Christine Buffaloe, Bogie’s puppy foster parents, and share their good news.

“Hi Scott, Obviously Reigna has made herself quite at home here. This is how she looks after a hard day of picnicking. She is probably dreaming about all the strange creatures she was introduced to– Big Horn sheep, deer, cattle and horses. Reigna is really curious about birds and enjoys trying to stalk them , everything from chickadees to northern Canada geese. We couldn’t be more pleased with her progress than we are. I’m sure that she has doubled in size already. She learns quickly and will just bark at the door to regain entry. We have 400 feet of waterfront on Big bar lake here and she has learned to basically stay in our yard which is unfenced. She is a great socializer with other animals and people, and shows good table manners in that she will wait for food without becoming demanding. We can’t say enough about her…. thanks Wayne”


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