Oliver Travels Many Miles To Her Heart

We received this note from Oliver’s new MOM.

“This is Oliver, one year later.

He was at your rescue on October 24, 2014.

He just celebrated his first birthday with us on November 11th. He made his way from your rescue, to one in New Mexico, then Lap Dog Rescue where I adopted him.

As you can see he was in 3 different rescues in a short period of time and traveled a lot of miles to my heart. We kept the name you had for him. And I would like to “thank you” for all you do and rescuing those with no voice. I’m happy to say Oliver has a wonderful life. He spends his days with his brother (Marco) from another rescues and his sister Roxy also rescue. They watch Animal Planet or run around their beautiful backyard¬† while I’m working. When I’m home he becomes my shadow and sleeps tightly next to me at night.

He is the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine not having him. Again, thank you for my love Oliver.”

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