Full Circle: Mouse and Jace’s Tale of Karma In The Fur Kingdom

Viva San Felipe animal rescueIn June of 2015 Viva was told there was a litter of 9 puppies across from the Mission Church in San Felipe.   When we arrived at the home we realized that there were two mothers and two different litters but they had all been together since birth which was approximately 7 weeks earlier.

They were a cute bunch of 3 males and 6 females, from brown/black brindles, gray and brown.  Our fosters Andrena Joyce and Val Cruz took the girls.  Rita and Charles took the boys who they named Mouse, for his beautiful gray coat, Augie who was black with the biggest round eyes and Simon a brindle.

Mouse became a very special puppy to Charles and Rita.  Even when originally he seemed to be the strongest one, he became ill.  He was taken to the Vet’s office and had to be put on fluids.   It was hard to get him to eat so chicken and rice was blended into a consistency that could be put in a syringe so he could be force fed.  In a matter of days he was back on the road to recovery and eating solid foods with his siblings.

Others in the litters also be came ill but it seems Mouse was hit the hardest.  Viva San Felipe animal rescueHe was such a sweet dog and would follow you and stay by your side even after he found out he was small enough to fit thru the bars of the fenced back yard.

Mouse also became a favorite in our little world of friends.  He went to restaurants and parties and everyone was in love with Mouse.

When it was time to put Mouse up for adoption it was very hard.  There was so much love and attachment but when you have three already you must do the right thing.  This is the hard part of fostering.

Mouse was going to a PETCO Adoption event in December and when his picture was posted another person fell in love. Katie Wright from San Diego contacted us via Facebook that she wanted to meet Mouse when he came to San Diego. She had no idea that when she saw him for the first time he would melt her heart.

This is when the story gets super special!

Fast forward to March…  Katie posted a picture of Mouse with a Brindle about his size.  She mentioned that it was her boyfriends dog (JACE) which he got a month after she adopted Mouse.  She said the passport also said the puppy came from a church.  I started to quiz her and went back to look at our adoption records.

JACE was in fact from the same group!  They were taken to Petco on Sports Arena but had no luck getting adopted.  JACE was then taken to the El Cajon Cat & Dog Rescue, a partnership which we have had for a few years.
JACE was adopted from the Rancho San Diego Petco after she was found on-line.

What a coincidence!  No wonder they got along so well from the first meeting.

From such a far away place like San Felipe to San Diego, traveling different routes, it is nice to see that Karma even works for our furry friends.  Happy fur-ever homes for Mouse & JACE.

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2 thoughts on “Full Circle: Mouse and Jace’s Tale of Karma In The Fur Kingdom”

  1. Best news I have had today. I help LA Shelters by sharing and pledging for dogs brought to these high kill shelters. It is hard on me when the good ones are PTS. But I will keep helping until there are no kill shelters are the norm. It was good to read an positive story of rescue, foster and adoption. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and your commitment to saving animals in need. This is the best news we have had today. Thank you.

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