Teddy Changes Their Lives

When I was asked to write something up about my experience with my VIVA adoption, I started thinking about ways my life has been effected in the last two plus months.

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I was not looking for a dog per say. I was at a birthday party for a friend and I was introduced to Cheryl Weiss.

About 8 months before we had lost our beautiful Welsh Springer after 15 years of love and friendship. I mentioned to her that we were thinking it was time to look for a new dog because we have always had a dog in our lives the entire 46 years we have been married. This time we were thinking we might like something smaller. Cheryl only had larger size dogs she was fostering at the time. She introduced me to Rita Monares who had a couple of small puppies she was fostering. We made arrangements to meet at the Parrots Cracker the next day so I could meet them. That is the day my life changed for the better.

We met around 4 pm and I was madly in love by 4:05 pm. Rita put Teddy in my arms and it was all over. My heart melted and it was all his. He was a little 3 pound puppy, all cute and cuddly. I was hooked. There was no going back. We took him home with us and I have never regretted it for one minute. He has been my constant companion ever since.

Today he is 11 pounds of pure spit fire. He makes every day special. He is so smart. He house broke in  no time. Now he can shake hands, sits and stays so we can put his leash on. He plays fetch with his balls. There is not a day that he does not make us laugh. Watching him grow and play is shear pleasure for both my husband and I.

VIVA did us a big favor when they introduced us to our little Teddy. They changed our lives for the better and filled a void we did not realize even existed. Our Baja Blend is worth more than any pure bred. He is our special guy.


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1 thought on “Teddy Changes Their Lives”

  1. It is so heartfelt to see how much love Teddy gets and returns. Wouldn’t it be a great world if all animals got that same love. Thank you for caring.

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