“Under The Caring Wings” by Laurie Darroch

After seeing current photographs yesterday of a few new puppies who have come under the caring wings of some of the VIVA workers, and “Awwing” and “Ooohing” over their cuteness and sweet faces as we gathered around the cell phone scrolling through the pictures, I asked them how on earth do they resist those adorable dogs. I sort of see it like working in a Sees candy shop. The temptation must be straining.

But of course they already have dogs of their own and as loyal and loving VIVA members, always seem to have more than one foster dog in their care as well.

It takes a special kind of love to foster a dog just as it does to foster a human child. You know it is only temporary, but that has its pros and cons. Like the roll of a grandparent you love and nurture them, train and guide them, and send them on their merry way when they finally find a forever home and unite with their new family.

On the con side, sometimes foster families fall in love with their foster dogs and it is no easy feat to reluctantly let go. Some dogs have ended up adopted by their foster families. Others become the ones that reluctantly got away. For me the dog Mouse comes to mind. ( There is a puppy now that looks a great deal like Mouse did. It just about melted my heart when I saw that puppy visiting the Second Chance store this morning.)

But there is no way all of them can be kept by the people fostering the many dogs in need. There is also no way the handful of people who foster can take in all of the dogs in a temporary setting. That is where other people come in. With puppies for example, they need to be old enough to be adopted out. Some will find homes quickly. Some will not.In the meantime they need care.

If you are willing to foster a dog or more than one, but have limits in time or space, work with one of the VIVA team members to find one that will work for your particular situation. Even a short foster time can be helpful. Just let them know. All good help is appreciated.

Featured Foster is Nell Burgos holding her recent foster puppies Harley and Nova. See what fostering can do? Become a foster. Spread those Caring Wings.

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