Nino Jumped Into Their Arms

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“Hello wonderful people of VIVA,

Sal and I wanted to say thank you so so so much for leading us to our sweet baby Nino, aka Nino-baby, aka Choo Choo, aka Nino Bello (formerly Carmello, with you guys!!!).  Not sure which litter he was from but we adopted him from the Petco event on Sports Arena Blvd on January 28th 2017.  I remember he was the only dog in the fenced in pen, lying by himself on a towel and he jumped into my arms and that was that.  We took him home to Mission Hills and have been in love with him ever since!

We take care of him yes, but he has made our lives inexplicably better.  He is full of joy and love and sweet puppy innocence – and energy 🙂  We walk him every single day and take him on Nino-dates!  – he especially loves Kate Sessions park at sunset, and mission bay.  He loves chewing on deer antlers, and ripping out the squeakers of his babies.  He loves sleeping on the couch next to us wrapped up in his afghan.  Also – he recently graduated puppy school!!! He had so much fun and learned a lot (this is him on graduation day in the picture with the grass!!!)

He is the most wonderful sweet dog and we love him so so much.  Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do, I have told many people about you guys, and directed them to your websites and events.

I have attached pictures of Nino, in case you might remember him.  He sends his love 🙂

Amy & Sal Filippone”

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2 thoughts on “Nino Jumped Into Their Arms”

  1. Hi, this is Nino’s “dad”. Thank you for all you do. It’s hard to imagine now that Nino was found all mangy and malnourished with his siblings. I think about that when he’s running around doing “zoomies” at the park. He’s spunky, whip smart and good natured. He loves other dogs, rarely barks, and in 2 short months is really showing his personality. Amy and I love him very much. Thank you, Viva folks. Sending hugs and love to you guys.


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