In Loving Memory of Max, Our Guerrero

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Hello VIVA, My husband and I were the ones that adopted Max(Guerrero).

A little over two weeks ago he was having issues breathing, eating, going to the bathroom and even sleeping. We took him to an emergency clinic and had him admitted for 24 hours to try and make him comfortable and see what was wrong. Unfortunately they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

In the end Max was put down.

He was so loved by my husband and I and it’s been very hard for us being without him, even when only loving him for a short time. If I could have given anything and still would to save Max and my heart broke when I was told of what the outcome was. He was my pup and it’s still very hard.

Thank you for letting us adopt him and love him with what time he had left. He was the most affectionate, loving, dog with so much personality. He’s missed everyday and will always remain part of our little family.

Taylor Mazzarella

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1 thought on “In Loving Memory of Max, Our Guerrero”

  1. Taylor Mazzarella, SO, so very sorry to hear of your loosing Max…..but thank you from the bottom of this VIVA volunteers heart for making his last days as wonderful as possible in a forever home. It is always so difficult when you try so hard and still don’t come to that happy ending. My thoughts are with you…..and again Thank You for choosing to rescue!

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