The Rescue of Cinnabon aka Cinnamon Girl

VIVA San Felipe animal rescueCinnamon’s mother, Irish, was a pregnant street dog that Peggy Poston was feeding, but she wasn’t wild.  A Mexican family probably had gotten tired of her and dumped her on the street in San Felipe.  Both of Cinnabon’s parents are big dogs, mother is an Irish Setter Hound mix and we think her dad is the brindle male that hangs out at Calimax. He’s about the same size as mom but is more muscular.  (VIVA hopes to catch him someday, as he’s fathered many litters.)

Irish had 6 puppies on about November 12th but one must have died as VIVA San Felipe animal rescuePeggy counted 6 at birth but later there were only 5. One day she was across from the school near Calimax, and the pups were missing. Peggy went looking on the empty lot and found them in a deep hole whining.


She put Irish in her van, got a blanket, loaded up all the pups and took them to a safer location. The pups were probably about 8 weeks old, they could eat solid food but still wanted mom`s milk. Peggy noticed that one pup had a deep slice in the neck but didn’t at the time realize it was a fishing line around the neck.  Cheryl and Peggy took the injured puppy to Magdalena (the veterinarian) and Cheryl took pics as Magdalena cut the line, pulling it out of the neck where it was buried. The vet cleaned the wound and applied medicine then sent her home with meds.  Cheryl decided to take the puppy home as Peggy already had way too many dogs and this one needed special attention.

VIVA San Felipe animal rescueLater that day Cheryl was walking by my house, snuggling a little bundle in her arms, and that’s the day I fell in love with little Cinnabon. She was so tiny, so vulnerable and so sweet. (When I saw her I immediately started fantasizing and plotting having my own puppy to love.) Irish and her entire litter were eventually taken to the shelter where they could safely stay together until they could be adopted.

VIVA San Felipe animal rescueSoon, Kevin and I decided to test the waters by fostering little Cinnabon, only for a few days at a time, but after that fist day it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that one day she would be ours, and now she is. After she was spayed in late March we brought her to our home to recover, and well, she’s still here. She is now 6 months old, perfectly house trained, knows sit, stay and come. She loves other dogs, but is a little shy around new people. She’s a calm, happy, easy going puppy who is eager to please, it just doesn’t get any better than that. VIVA San Felipe animal rescue

Cinnamon Girl will be trained as a service and therapy dog. There are no words to describe the happiness she has brought into our home. Thank you VIVA for saving this little girl and bringing her into our life.



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2 thoughts on “The Rescue of Cinnabon aka Cinnamon Girl”

  1. Enjoy her to the MAX! Baja pups make the best dogs EVER! My Chola was so wonderful & smart….and she lived to be 18 years!
    I have 2 websites that sell my art….all the proceeds ”Go to the dogs”.
    CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy that forever love!

  2. Barbara Bagileo

    What a beautiful and love filled story. One I too know very well as I too found 7 pups and a very skinny mom in the trash behind Rockadile about 6 years ago. They did not have their eyes open and were cold on this November night. I took all 7 and “Momma Dog” (as we named her) home to a warm and safe place. We had the 7 pups for over 3 months and I am so happy to say that all were adopted and I still here from several of their families. Momma Dog stayed with us for 5+years until she left us because of Cancer. Rescue, fostering, adopting these wonderful animals has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am thankful for the gifts THEY gave to me of love and devotion. I am happy for Cinnabon and her future work to help others.

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