SHORTY The Pit Boss Educational Lecture

Shorty Rossi visited San Felipe to give an educational lecture to locals on his beloved breed– the Pitbull. Children, parents and community leaders were in attendance to learn more about the ownership, responsibilities and devotion to the beautiful breed. Thank you Shorty for sharing your commitment and knowledge. #pitbulladvocate #herculeslives #amaatumascota

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1 thought on “SHORTY The Pit Boss Educational Lecture”

  1. Barbara Bagileo

    OH this is wonderful and needed everywhere as Pitbulls get a bad rap. I deal with them every day at either OetSmart or Banfield Veterinary Hospital and I have not had one be aggressive or threatening in any way. It is people who make these dogs dangerous. So happy Sab Felipe is getting more and more animal education.

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