Animalistas Del Valle de Gde Feel Positive!

Animal Rescue Step by Step

Every long journey starts with a first step. When it comes to animal rescue, these steps sometimes appear small, yet to an animal rescuer, they are the reward of a lifetime.

The Animalistas del Valle de Gde are a group of animal advocates who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need in their community. Their community is the lush wine valley of Guadalupe located in Baja California, MX just south of San Diego. In the midst of the beauty and lushness of the agrarian community, the animals can live in the shadow of sadness and suffering.  These advocates, in many cases, are the only thing between them and despair.

Abandonment, due to disease and tragedy, happens to animals across the globe far too often. In this community, it is no different. This little dog was abandoned due to a spinal condition and left to die. He was found by the Animalistas covered with ticks and fleas. They shared their dedication and love for this positive outcome.

Education is key

Education programs, designed to reach kids in schools, teach children how to best care for their pet. This program is called "Ama A Tu Mascota" and has reached almost 200 kids so far in this community's primeria and secundaria. Classes are taught in Spanish by these Animalistas. Animal rescuers within this network help to make these programs happen. Shorty's Rescue in nearby Sta Anita is a vital supporter in this network. Sharing food resources and donations from his tienda in La Mision, Shorty's Rescue helps reach this community to make a difference.

Food donations are delivered.

In economic hard times, deliveries of pet food support a healthy environment and relieve its despair. His tienda in La Mision has been an important resource for these deliveries. Coordinated through this paws'itive network of dedicated animal advocates, the deliveries make all the difference for this community.

Donate to help save lives.

Donations make our work happen! Any amount great or small can make the difference for an animal in need. Help us continue our paws'itive work. All donations are tax deductible.

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