Help us save lives.


We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization. Every penny you give goes to the animals.

We appreciate your donations which are used for a variety of services that will save our homeless animals.  A spay can cost $30.00 to $100 depending on if we go to an organized clinic or must take to a Veterinarians office.  A series of shots can add up to $80.00 which includes 3 multi virus shots, a kennel cough and a rabies.  And there is food!  please help in any way you can.

In addition we have an education program where we visit schools to teach the young how to take care of their pets.  "Ama A Tu Mascota" (Love Your Pet).

Please click on the link below and send your donation.  You will be asked to enter the amount you would like to donate.  Thank you in advance it is greatly appreciated.


child raises hand

Just for $25 a Month You Can Change a Life

Alys 2

In some cases just like with this cute little girl, an amputation needs to be done.  A hit by a car or worse yet, another type of abuse caused by humans.  Surgeries can be very expensive but it is worth saving the life of these little gems.


Remember those that you have loved with an honorary donation.

To Donate by Check please make it out to Paws'itive Purposes and send to:

Pawsitive Donations 

4635 Border Village Rd. #F2

San Ysidro, CA  92173

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thanks for your generous support.

doggie toy

Make an Honorary Gift Donation

Teddy honorary donation

If your loved one has crossed the rainbow bridge and you would like to make a donation in their honor you may do so here.  You may also send their photograph ( and a little bio and we will post on our Facebook page.



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